Swab Rig Operator

Yatesboro, PA

Full Job Description

This position is responsible for the operation and maintenance of a swabbing / bailing rig, crew, and equipment. The operator is also held accountable for ensuring customer satisfaction with all services rendered. Incumbent ensures that all crew are at the rig and ready to work at scheduled time and maintains productivity standards for all rig functions.  We currently have 3 swab rigs that need crewed.  One rig requires a class B minimum CDL as it is a hydraulic rig mounted on a four wheel drive GMC “Top kick” heavy truck.  The other two rigs only require a standard class C drivers license as they are mounted on Ford F-550 4×4 chassis, one being hydraulic and the other being deck motor driven.  These rigs and crews will be contracted out to other companies for the clean out operations of their wells primarily in western Pennsylvania.

This position has a dotted line reporting line to: Service Line Manager or Operations Superintendent.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Ensures all crew members are at the rig and prepared to work at scheduled time. Operates the assigned rig and equipment in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions as requested or designated by the customers. Maintains regular contact and communication with customers to resolve concerns, issues and complaints. Ensures that quality services are provided to the customers including maintaining productivity standards for all rig functions, following safety procedures for a safe working environment for all rig employees, and adhering to all applicable governmental regulations for compliance. Ensures efficient maintenance of assigned rig and equipment. Establishes and maintains a positive and safe work environment for the assigned rig crew, including training and coaching them in carrying out their assigned duties on the rig. Performs other related duties as assigned. Wears proper safety equipment on the job (when applicable and required).

a. Goggles, face shields or safety glasses
b. Ear plugs/muffs
c. Steel toed boots.
d. Hard hats
e. Safety belts
f. Anti-fall devices
g. Gloves
h. FR uniforms


Highly preferred to have rig experience or knowledge of the swabbing/bailing proceedures and be able to demonstrate full competency in rigging up/rigging down and well servicing operations. Minimum two or more years experience in rig and/or well servicing operations is preferred.  Must possess CDL B drivers license (for the larger rig) or class C (for the F-550’s) to drive rig. Must meet all qualifications defined in Motor Vehicle Policy. Ability to effectively communicate with people within and outside of the company. Ability to lead or provide guidance to crew members to work safely and efficiently. Multi-tasking and basic problem solving skills required; organizational skills preferred. Must pass post-employment drug/alcohol urinalysis. Must pass post-offer “Essential Job Functions Test.” Must pass DOT-drug and physical test if required by state and federal government.

Education Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED equivalent preferred.